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Using the strength of rich content and social media marketing can really help improve your audience connection and client list dramatically.

Social media marketing consists of creating attractive content that can be shared by all reaching customers you would not have reached otherwise. A corporate message will spread from individual to individual and resonates because this message or recommendation is coming from a trusted friend or business connection.

This method of marketing is generated by word of mouth, you earn this exposure rather than pay for it if you do it yourself.

Here are some great tips for social media marketing!

1) You need to listen
If you wish to connect with a particular client it is important to pay attention to what they are writing about. Read your targets content and respond intelligently. Learn what matters to them and add value to them rather than hinder them with an unnecessary response. A good engagement will lead to them wanting to know more about you.

2) Quality
Quality will always be better than the quantity. It is better to build a following that will actually read your content than having a lot more followers who pay no attention and disappear after connecting to you initially.

3) Focus on an area
It is better to specialise in a subject rather than be seen as a jack of all trades. A focussed social media strategy aimed at strengthening your brand has more chance of being successfully than a tactic that aims to be all all services to all clients.

4) Connect with the leaders
It is wise to spend time to find out who are the leaders in your market place and who have quality audiences. Try and find the people who would be interested in your services and try to build a relationship with them. If you manage to get there attention and provide them with useful information your chances will increase on them sharing your content with their audience.

5) Patience
This type of marketing will not happen overnight. Yes it is possible to have instant success but it is more likely that this type of marketing will require more commitment to achieve the results you desire

6) Acknowledge people
You would not ignore a person if they reached out to you in front of you so do not ignore them online. Developing these relationships is an important part of this marketing strategy and a key element to your success.

7) Reciprocate
You cannot expect others to share your content if you will not share theirs. A portion of your time spent in this market place should be spent on sharing your followers content. Try to pick the most professional and relevant subjects of course.

8) Be accessible
Do not just post content and then not be available. You will need to respond to peoples requests or questions. This type of audience can be quite fickle and a lack of response could offend and you may find your audience diminishing if you are not responsive.

We offer social media strategies that enhance your audience and create opportunities you would not have necessarily had. Contact us to see how we can help you socialise effectively.

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