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The Brief

This leading foot specialist was in need of a web application that enhanced the overall experience of one of their 3 day conference presentations. Microport wanted to engage with their clients whilst the conference was underway, gathering feedback and contact details to build mailing lists and improve client interaction.

Microport Lifestyle Home Page Design

Adapatable and efficent
A seamless product was needed to work on both Android and Apple platforms. Speed was a key factor in the response to visitors questions during various abstracts and speeches.

In depth analytics
The need was great to not only know how many people used the web application but to know what customers thought on specific topics. This was needed to gauge how successful the conference delivered its message.

Brand synergy
This web application needed to look and blend with existing marketing in place for the conference.

Cutting Edge
A slick simple navigation allowed the attendees to extract the key information on each of the event speakers allowing them to pick and choose who they saw and at what time. We pushed key products through the front page in the form of a slider as we must not forget this is essentially a sales and education tool. 

Essential feedback
We encouraged feedback on each of the speakers through the form of a questionnaire that was activated at key times of the day so that as a speaker finished, you were presented with a new section to leave your thoughts and grade how helpful you found that particular topic.

The feedback from these questionnaires was then correlated into a downloadable database. Each question would build a bar or pie chart giving an overall feedback result on each question to the Microport event organisers. This information was invaluable to the creation of forthcoming events.

Microport Website Application

The Microport result

A seamless production of a well branded product delivering key information at the right time to potential customers. Not only did the web application look right on brand, it also captured the essential information to improve their core service for future events to come.

The client was so pleased with the overall result we have been penciled in for the same project again for the following year. You can be sure we are full of ideas already on how we can improve our service and continue this new exciting relationship with Microport Lifestyle.

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