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Your brand is not just a logo
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It is who you are and what you stand for!

When a client is introduced to your business for the first time your brand is your opportunity to explain your values and connect with your customer, letting them know that you can't only solve their problem but you are the only option they have.

So what is the difference between the words 'brand', 'identity' and 'logo'. Your 'brand' is your perceived corporate image, whether you are an affordable solution or a luxurious item.

Metamorph Media Branding Examples

Your 'identity' is your visual elements that forms the aspects of your company such as imagery or styling to make sure you appear consistent and professional. Finally your 'logo' is what identifies you to your potential customers. When your customer sees an element of the logo you want them to know straight away that it's you and you're the answer to all their needs.

There are many examples of fantastic brands in the world, one of the most famous and successful brands is Apple. They don't even have the name of the business present in the logo, yet everyone knows exactly who they are and the standard of their work.

A simple choice of font or colour can sway someones decision on whether to use you or a competitor.

You need to identify your target audience and design your brand to suit that market, not just what you like. It's a bonus that you are beaming with pride with the finished article.

There's nothing more satisfying than taking a brand from it's embryonic stage to its fully developed presence. Seeing our clients' reaction from what they have in their mind to a sculptured, perfect presence is the most satisfying feeling a creative agency could have.

Whether you have a new business venture you would like to explore or an existing brand that could do with a transformation, why not contact us to discuss this exciting project further.

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